Combined Honours BA in Criminology and Policing

My program allowed me to better understand the importance of inclusion within our communities

I made the ultimate decision of wanting to attend post secondary back in 2016, and had a hard time choosing where I wanted to spend the next five years of my life. Unable to live in residence, I chose McMaster University in my hometown. Three years later, I decided to transfer to Wilfrid Laurier University as I was always interested in its Criminology and Policing program. The opportunity of completing my degree remotely allowed me to better reflect on my decisions, passion, and future.

“This has allowed me to better balance my busy schedule”

Studying online at Laurier is very special because I can obtain my education at my own pace, while working full-time. This has allowed me to better balance my busy schedule, especially because of the number of assignments and exams that are part of each course.

I was able to work through the course material and contact my professors if I ran into any issues. Working at my own pace and making appropriate notes per course allowed me to grasp the material better, which helped me receive very good grades. This made me extremely happy and motivated throughout my semesters.

“I hope to pursue a career that allows me to be directly involved in my community”

My Criminology and Policing program has prepared me for my future career as I have been able to expand my knowledge and skills through the assignments, tests and group work. I have focused on the Canadian criminal justice system, policing system and theories to better understand the society we live in. I hope to pursue a career that allows me to be directly involved in my community, not only to ensure peace, but fairness and comfort for everyone regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, beliefs, or differences.

My program has allowed me to better understand the importance of inclusion within our communities, and I hope to be able to make a positive difference while educating others on this as well.

Professors were easy to contact and assisted students whenever they were in need. They posted constant reminders and clarifications throughout the course. Overall, they were extremely helpful.

“I never felt alone or in distress.”

Working with a dedicated student advisor, on the other hand, positively impacted my educational experience as I was checked upon multiple times throughout the semesters. I was able to vent and speak to my advisor whenever I had questions about certain courses, which allowed me to stay on top of things. It allowed me to feel important and always protected. I never felt alone or in distress. 

Studying online at Wilfrid Laurier University allowed me to expand my knowledge greatly on better ways I am able to learn, succeed, and work without feeling pressured or overworked. It has definitely been a very good experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who has self-discipline and the ability to work independently.