Combined Honours BA in Criminology and Policing

The support of professors and success advisors makes it special.

“The support that professors and success advisors provide makes studying online at Wilfrid Laurier University special. Video lectures, virtual check-ins, and discussion boards help you understand not only the course material, but you also get to know your peers and fellow students so you can get the same opportunity and learning experience as you would in any in-class session.

“It has allowed me to grow as a person”

The Bachelor's in Policing and Criminology has helped me to gain the knowledge I need to build my career in the criminology field. It has allowed me to not only grow as a person with optional courses, like Leadership, but has enhanced my knowledge in crime where I want to build my career. It has not only provided me with theoretical knowledge, but the videos and assignments have helped improve my writing, as well as practical knowledge of research on crime.

“My student success advisor played an important role”

Throughout my journey at Wilfrid Laurier University, my student success advisor Jenny Lu has played an important role in my success. She has made sure to provide and explore options, interests, and talents that guided me in choosing the right major by helping in determining life goals that cater to my abilities. 

In addition, the professors are very knowledgeable and always open to help. My experience with my advisor and professors has been excellent.”