Master of Social Work - Advanced Standing

I don’t think I could have completed this program without the faculty’s ongoing flexibility and support. They have truly been exceptional in putting the wellbeing of their students at the forefront of this pandemic by not only listening to concerns but also putting them into action, which played a vital role in my success this past year.

In addition to the above, each course within the program provided me with a unique and enriching learning experience, which included virtual weekly drop-ins that allowed me to meet, connect, and engage with other students, all of which truly enhanced my online learning experience.

I was also provided with the option to complete a paid placement versus an unpaid placement, which allowed me to focus on my development as opposed to financial stress that I may have endured had it been unpaid, which was incredible to say the least.

Then, to top it all off, I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired from each of these courses including my chosen placement, in conjunction with my 13+ years of social work experience during an interview I attended recently, that resulted in me acquiring my “dream” job as a High-School Social Worker, which I am beyond grateful for.

In all, my experience with Wilfrid Laurier has been nothing less than exceptional and I am forever grateful to them for not only providing me with such an incredible experience but for also adopting the delivery of this program via online learning. This ultimately made it possible for me to obtain an education higher than I ever imagined, while still being able to maintain full-time employment and landing my dream job at the end of it all.

Many thanks and appreciation to all. Merci énormément.”

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