Combined Honours BA in Criminology and Policing

I saw the Honours BA course last summer and decided to do it and a wonderful surprise was that I could receive a seniors’ exemption for tuition since I was 64. It has been an amazing journey and so much to learn. What I hope to achieve after my studies is perhaps become a Justice of the Peace for my community.

What do I think makes studying online at WLU special? First of all, there is a lovely lady named Lorna who is my Student Success Advisor and she is the best at guiding me through all of the information, processes, helping me pick the courses that are the most use to me to reach my goal – Honours BA in Policing and Criminology. She is also great to talk to and have a few laughs. She keeps in constant contact and is really helpful in keeping me balanced.

Learning to study online with the Brightspace format was not as daunting as it could have been since I had used it in the past. What was challenging was getting the online texts (I much prefer printed texts), organizing the lessons and all of the assignments, tests, and papers.

Next…why did I take this course? I grew up with very little self-confidence. I felt very awkward, inadequate, and stupid. My older sister and brother were much better in school and I struggled. Being overweight didn’t help as it invited a lot of teasing and ridicule. My mother, I believe, resented me because in the 1950s if a woman was pregnant, she had to leave her job. She couldn’t go back to work until I was in school. I was much closer to my Dad. I bounced around in life eventually getting married and having two beautiful boys.

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