Your education plays a key role in your career and future. When you plan to work toward a leadership position in the social work field or when you want to improve your knowledge of social work, an online degree from Wilfrid Laurier University provides the foundation that you need to accomplish your goals.

Career Settings Where Social Workers are Employed

  • hospitals, primary care settings and clinics, including veterans’ clinics

  • senior centres and long-term care facilities

  • settlement houses and community centres
  • mental health clinics
  • private practices
  • state and local governments
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • substance abuse clinics
  • military bases and hospitals
  • correctional facilities
  • child welfare agencies
  • employee assistance programs

Skills Used in Social Worker Positions

  • crisis intervention techniques

  • risk assessment

  • psychological testing
  • quality assurance
  • behavioural skills

Potential Employers and Career Paths

  • family and children’s services

  • adult and children’s mental health

  • social policy analysis and development
  • community development
  • case management
  • social agency administration
  • supervision
  • family counselling services
  • hospital social work
  • non-governmental organizations
  • school social work
  • community health agencies
  • private practice
  • military social worker

Sample Positions for Social Workers

  • crisis support worker for a national mental health association ($51,000)

  • community programs manager for a municipal women’s transition house ($52,000)

  • child and youth advocacy programs manager for a child and youth advocacy centre ($41,000)
  • behaviour therapist/client and education support for a non-profit provider of programs for adults with intellectual disabilities ($54,000)
  • public health and addictions clinical counsellor for a youth and family services society ($55,000)
  • social worker at a health sciences centre ($44,000)
  • clinical interventionist/mental health and addictions at a health authority ($78,050)
  • crisis response clinician/mental health and addictions at a health authority ($43,000)
  • team lead for a mental health capacity building in an initiative for schools ($100,800)
  • social worker at a home health-care organization ($61,000)
  • family counsellor at provincial health services ($114,900)