Online BA in Policing Program for Quebec Residents

Want to learn how to become a police officer in Quebec? If you’re ready to take your career to the next level. With this police program in Quebec, you can work towards a leadership position and increase your knowledge of law enforcement —either way, these police courses Quebec are bound to boost your career. Whether you want to develop personal resilience strategies, improve your critical thinking and analytical skills or acquire a diverse range of leadership skills, this is a program that will prepare you to become a leader in your field. There is no more effective way to advance than through a police degree Quebec.

About Our Online Quebec Honours BA in Policing Program

  • How Long: approximately 4 years
  • How Much: dependent on credit transfers from previous training
  • Focuses: Leadership, Indigenous Justice Systems, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Programs, Trauma and Critical Incidents

The online Honours Bachelor of Arts in Policing program for Quebec residents is made up of 10 credits of required police courses and 10 elective credits. Each course in the Honours Bachelor of Arts in Policing program is six weeks long, with six hours per week of course work. A maximum of three courses per term can be taken at any pace. Most Quebec residents will complete the online degree requirements in three to four years.

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Our Online BA in Policing Admissions Requirements

  • Proof of a minimum of one year of full-time employment up to and including the time before classes begin
  • Verification by an official letter from the human resources department of the police service(s) where you have been employed

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About Quebec

Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec and has a population of 531,902. It is located on the St. Lawrence River’s north shore where the Rivière Saint-Charles meets the St. Lawrence. Quebec City is not only a UNESCO World Heritage treasure, it has a European charm that appeals to many tourists from around the world. Quebec City offers spectacular nearby skiing, breathtaking landscapes, cruises on the St. Lawrence River, enchanting cobblestone streets and historical sites like the Petit-Champlain District. History enthusiasts can also discover the  Plains of Abraham where the Seven Years’ War occurred between French and British troops in the 1750s.

Major Sights Around Quebec City

  • Place Royale
  • Plains of Abraham
  • Petit-Champlain District
  • Château Frontenac
  • Montmorency Falls
  • Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

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