Online Bachelor of Arts in Policing Student Spotlight: Kostas Paschalis

Online Bachelor of Arts in Policing Student Spotlight: Kostas Paschalis
Online Bachelor of Arts in Policing Student Spotlight: Kostas Paschalis

Name, Current Occupation, and the program you completed at Wilfrid Laurier University

My name is Kostas Paschalis and I am a Detective Constable with Peel Regional Police. I completed the Bachelor of Arts in Policing program at Laurier in May 2020.

What did you study prior to enrolling in Laurier’s Bachelor of Arts in Policing?

Police Foundations at Seneca College.

Where were you working prior to starting your degree?

As a police officer with Peel Regional Police.

Have you always been interested in the field you chose?

Yes, I have. I had the good fortune of having an older friend who was a police officer when I was young who took me out for a ride-along and that solidified my desires. From there, I worked as a security officer in a variety of settings, then as a correctional officer prior to policing.

What drove you to pursue your degree?

My desire to pursue my degree came from wanting to better myself and my education. I believed it would help me to be a better police officer and the material is very applicable to what all police officers do. It had been something that I'd wanted to do for a long time but had put it off because of balancing shift work and a young family.

Why did you choose to further your education now?

I choose to do the program now largely because this particular program is 100% online. That was very conducive to my lifestyle, keeping in mind a work/family balance. Further, I could work at it on my own pace. I appreciated the flexibility of it immensely.

Why did you choose a degree with an online aspect?

The 100% online aspect was a huge draw for me. This allowed me to decide and schedule time to work on it on my own, keeping in mind my work and family commitments. The online flexibility was a crucial decision in deciding to pursue the degree.

What were you hoping to get out of your degree?

I was hoping to get better informed on current topics and trends in policing and to make some connections outside of my own service. I was also hoping to better understand certain challenges facing police services nowadays to ultimately better myself and my resources, which will help me be a better police officer.

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