Why is Continuing Police Officer Education Important?

Why is Continuing Police Officer Education Important?
Why is Continuing Police Officer Education Important?

As a police officer, it is your sworn duty to serve and protect. Though you receive on-the-job training, there are multiple ways to prepare yourself for advanced positions in the private and public sectors.

Wilfrid Laurier University’s policing education degrees, including those in the Honours Bachelor of Arts in Policing and the Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Policing programs, are designed to create a solid foundation for current public safety professionals who want to make a difference on a larger scale.

Prepare for Leadership Roles

Prepare for Leadership Roles

Education for police officers offers enriching developmental opportunities that improve your effectiveness at performing day-to-day tasks and supplements your potential for advancement.

Most leadership positions in the policing and private sectors require a combination of experience and higher education.

Graduates of Laurier’s policing education degree programs are prepared for advanced positions, such as:

  • Chief of Police/Commissioner/Chief Constable
  • Deputy Chief of Police/Deputy Chief Constable
  • Staff Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Staff Inspector
  • Inspector
  • Sergeant Major
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant/Detective
  • Police Constable 1stClass/Detective Constable

How is the Future Outlook in Policing?

The career outlook for policing is stable, especially in major areas like Toronto (Source). Over the next 10 years, police careers in Canada are expected to rise steadily. New jobs will be added in response to a growing population.

There will also be a steady stream of vacancies from career officers who retire and leave the police force. In an increasingly competitive environment, having a BA in Policing can give you the edge you need.

A Robust and Relevant Curriculum

As a police officer, knowledge is a powerful tool that helps you make informed decisions.

Police officer education will build upon your current skills, enhancing your judgement in real-world situations to help you succeed in the field and office. Laurier’s Honours BA in Policing was created by field experts and provides a robust academic curriculum streamlined with today’s complex policing environment. Experienced officers expand on their knowledge as they participate in discussions and examine modern challenges in public safety.

Students in Laurier’s Honours BA in Policing benefit from courses such as:

  • Models of Policing
  • Leadership and Career Development in Law Enforcement
  • Ethics, Corruption and Police Accountability
  • Indigenous Communities and Policing
  • Cybercrime

Completing a police officer education program also allows you to demonstrate your commitment to the field.

Whether you want to pursue detective work, become part of a cybercrime unit, or earn a role as Chief of Police, Laurier’s Honours BA in Policing will prepare you to think critically within the context of public safety.

Applying Concepts On the Job

Applying Concepts On the Job

In today’s education era, students are busy. This is especially true for the demanding shifts of working police officers. That is why Laurier’s Honours BA in Policing is offered 100% online with a flexible format that allows you to continue working.

In addition to being manageable, Laurier’s policing degree is designed to apply classroom concepts directly to the field. As you progress through the program, you’ll gain practical skills, which can be applied immediately to your current role.

Real-world experience also serves as a catapult for learning, which is why Laurier’s Honours BA in Policing has an admissions requirement of at least one year of active policing.

Whether you’re an officer who wants to advance, or a retired cop seeking a job in the private sector, Laurier’s Honours BA in Policing is designed for you. Engage in dynamic, career-enhancing courses while maintaining your current day-to-day commitments.

The Changing World of Policing

Police officers have a social role. They interact with many individuals, neighborhoods, and communities on a daily basis. On top of that, Canada’s population is growing increasingly diverse as more and more immigrants seek citizenship. In the final three months of 2018, more than 71,000 immigrants flocked to Canada, the largest influx for this period since 1913 (Source).

Police officers can benefit from developing communication skills as they work with individuals from other cultures. Laurier’s BA in Policing program offers a course on Indigenous Peoples, which helps officers be more effective in understanding and handling cultural differences.

Critical thinking, conflict resolution and leadership skills are all essential to be effective on the job. That is why police officer education emphasizes development in these areas.

Lead Across All Divisions of Policing

Lead Across All Divisions of Policing

Public safety is a dynamic environment and an ideal career for those who can quickly adapt.

To stay ahead of changing demographics and technology, you can take advantage of education tailored specifically for the police force. Laurier’s fully accredited Honours BA in Policing is recognized by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development in Ontario. Each course was created in partnership with law enforcement officers across Canada, ensuring a top of the line program that is relevant and forward-thinking.

As you progress through your police officer education program, you’ll:

  • Learn how to recognize signs of trauma and develop coping tools for yourself, fellow officers and community members.
  • Understand criminology and psychological theories that are related to policing and detective work.
  • Undergo comprehensive analysis of current policing and justice issues.

Police officer education programs prepare graduates to be more effective at protecting and serving their community and colleagues.

Build on your experience and expand your knowledge, allowing yourself to grow both personally and professionally.

Learn more about Laurier’s Honours BA in Policing today.