Why Speed is Critical in Software Development

Master of Computer Science Student Image
Master of Computer Science Student Image

If you work in information technology (IT), you know it is a dynamic, ever-evolving industry. Programming languages and coding techniques frequently change, challenging developers to focus on development speed each time they develop new software.

While faster software development is critical in today’s ever-changing IT environment, developers often lack the necessary skills to complete development tasks on time.

Wilfrid Laurier University’s online Master of Computer Science program recognizes this. Laurier’s program not only emphasizes the development of quality software but also helps developers increase development efficiencies.

This article discusses why speed is critical in software development, software development speed versus quality, and how to integrate both into your development practices.

Why is Speed Critical in Software Development?

Speed is increasingly important in software development. Developers are under constant pressure to produce high-quality code as fast as possible in order to fulfil contracts, acquire new customers, retain existing customers, stay competitive and get new deals.

Executives, CEOs, product managers, sales personnel and marketing professionals frequently advocate for software quality, while speed and delivery dates remain a primary concern for developers. The fundamental reason for this concern is the agility demanded by the competitive and global IT industry. Software products and new features need to be completed by the deadline to avoid cost overruns or a potential loss of brand credibility. This means software development teams are under pressure to rapidly produce in order to support the overall growth of the business.

Also, today’s customers are more informed and demanding than ever, seeking out new software technologies to meet their expectations as closely as possible. Evolving customer demands have also made faster software development critical.

Speed Versus Quality in Software Development

Whether an organization’s aim is to develop new software or roll out new features of existing software, time to market contributes to the overall success of a business. This is especially true for software because it outmodes very quickly. At the same time, quality assurance is equally important and cannot be compromised. Unfortunately, in the current scenario of software development, having one often comes at the cost of the other.

While speed is more important in some industries, others have a greater need for quality. For example, financial or medical industries must focus on software quality because any error could jeopardize their customers’ personal information. On the other hand, social media apps often place more importance on the time factor and roll out new features for users as quickly as possible. Some companies don’t mind releasing the beta version of their apps, even if they are aware of certain flaws. Software development speed versus quality is an on-going debate without a one-size-fits-all solution.

Wilfrid Laurier University’s online Master of Computer Science program incorporates industry best practices to reduce redundancies in software development processes while and maximizing product quality and precision. Through Laurier’s online program, you’ll learn how to effectively master demands for software development speed and quality in order to succeed in any software development environment.

How to Increase Software Development Efficiency?

The first step to increasing software development efficiency is optimizing the processes, methods and tools involved in creating, deploying and maintaining software. While this may not automatically guarantee quality until the software is tested and feedback is collected, it does make the overall process move more quickly.

Agile software development is another approach to software development that involves a client at every step of the project. Agile development features a high degree of collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional project teams and their clients, which allows teams to truly understand the client’s vision. This approach allows early and predictable delivery while improving product quality.

Continuous learning supersedes every other approach when looking to increase your software development efficiency. By keeping yourself updated with the latest programming languages, coding process and methodologies, you are more likely to successfully adapt to the ever-evolving IT environment.

Laurier’s online Master of Computer Science program helps you fast track your software development process through advanced coding techniques and methodologies. The program also allows you to build skills to develop software faster -- skills employers often seek when hiring senior-level staff.