Canada’s Most In-Demand Degree is a Master’s in Computer Science

Canada’s Most In-Demand Degree is a Master’s in Computer Science Blog Header
Canada’s Most In-Demand Degree is a Master’s in Computer Science Blog Header

If you search online for job titles like “software engineer” or “senior software engineer,” you will find more than 100,000 active listings in North America alone, including heavy hitters like Anthem Inc. (Google), Amazon, GE, Apple and Canada’s big four banks. As the job market continues to tilt in favour of those with automation-proof technical skills, students realize computer science presents the surest path to a long and lasting career. Wilfrid Laurier University’s new online Master of Computer Science degree is the only program of its kind in Canada to combine a world-class graduate education with the unmatched convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Laurier’s innovative curriculum is designed to provide the skills today’s employers need, with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and practical applications. With their mastery of cutting edge technology, graduates will be well-prepared to develop sophisticated software of their own. The next billion dollar idea in tech will no doubt rely on the tool set this computer science master’s program imparts.

Why get a Master’s in Computer Science?

Dedicated computer enthusiasts often undertake a great deal of self-directed learning; after all, our passions seldom feel like work. But in order to parlay and enhance the skills you’ve developed on your own into a portfolio that will carry weight with employers, you’ll need access to the opportunities and recognition a graduate degree confers. By the time you have completed a Master of Computer Science program, you’ll have expertise in:

  • Parallel programming
  • Application development
  • Algorithm design
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Cyber-attack and defence
  • Machine learning
  • Technology entrepreneurship

Holding a Master’s degree means that you have all of the knowledge and competencies required to pursue a career as a senior-level programmer or developer, or to bring your own idea from concept to market.

Who is eligible to enrol in a computer science master’s?

As a Master’s is an advanced (graduate) degree, reputable programs will require enrollees possess a strong combination of education and experience, including:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a related discipline such as computer science, applied computing, computer engineering, information systems or mathematics.
  • Current or recent employment as a computer science professional.

Online programs are particularly appealing to active professionals, as the remote nature of the classes means that lectures can be viewed from anywhere at any time of day. These courses do not sacrifice the teaching and active mentorship which are the core of graduate-level education. Each student also has 24/7 access to their instructor and peers via the school’s online portal.

Who are the instructors?

Laurier’s instructors are industry-experienced educators and professionals whose innovative research is making waves in the tech sector in Canada and internationally. A Master’s program allows students an entry point into the research sphere. While an online Master’s has no geographical restrictions, Laurier enrollees will still benefit from the draw the Kitchener-Waterloo region possesses as a major North American technology hub. Top researchers are drawn to this region, and they in turn pass their skills on to students from around the world via this degree program.

With its emphasis on skills directly applicable to the booming tech industry, students can expect to graduate with a marketable set of skills, hands-on experience with the software that’s driving innovation in the field, and a burgeoning network of contacts that will serve them well as they make their own name in business.

Check out our online brochure for details on the program and its curriculum.

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