FAQs About the Bachelor of Arts in Policing Program

FAQs About the Bachelor of Arts in Policing Program blog header
FAQs About the Bachelor of Arts in Policing Program blog header

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Wilfrid Laurier University's online Honours Bachelor of Arts in Policing prepares officers to implement best practices and gain a deeper insight of key topics in law enforcement. We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help prospective students obtain a comprehensive understanding of the fully online Honours Bachelor of Arts in Policing program.

Is the program 100 percent online?

Yes. Every component of this program is provided online and students can access course materials 24 hours a day. This is Canada's first and only fully online Bachelor of Arts in Policing program. You can complete all of the courses and related work online from the comfort of your home, and around your current work schedule.

Is the program designed for a particular type of student?

Yes. This academic program was created specifically for working and retired police officers and is an option for officers across a number of different ranks. The program is designed for those with at least a single year of full-time professional work as a police officer. A letter from the police service's human resources department confirming the candidate's experience in law enforcement is required for admission. However, providing such a letter will not guarantee admission to the Honours Bachelor of Arts in Policing. Wilfrid University reserves the right to deny admission to applicants.

Can I transfer credits?

Yes. Transfer options are available. In fact, you may be able to transfer up to 10 of the 20 total credits mandated for the program's completion depending on your prior training and education. These credits can stem from academic courses completed at a university, community college, police academy or police college. An admissions coordinator will evaluate your transcripts after you apply to determine the number of transfer credits you will receive.

Who developed the program?

The online Honours Bachelor of Arts in Policing was developed in partnership with a number of experienced law enforcement professionals across Canada. Our faculty includes officers with extensive field experience and academic credentials, as well as knowledgeable scholars with their fingers on the pulse of the law enforcement field.

How expensive is the program?

Coursework in the criminology/policing program focuses on two classes in a 12-week period. Each class is 0.5 credits and costs $754.84 plus incidental fees of approximately $85. The exact cost of tuition depends on your situation. Individuals with at least one year of education from a university or who are currently attending university and looking to transfer are eligible for transfer credits.

Who is involved in the creation of the program's academic content and courses?

The program's courses are partially shaped by a volunteer advisory board consisting of experienced police service members, legal professionals, trainers, and academicians. The combination of professionals from diverse professions related to law enforcement ensures that students emerge from the program with the ability to serve their community in an effective and meaningful manner.

What is the pace of the program?

Each course lasts six weeks and requires 6-10 hours of coursework per week. Policing online courses can be taken at the pace desired by each particular student. Students can take upward of three courses each term. Those who complete between two and three courses per term typically earn their degree in three or four years.

What if I have further questions or want to know about Laurier?

We’d love to speak with you about your specific personal and professional goals. Feel free to contact us at 888.368.0345. You can also learn more about the programs through our webinars and engage with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.