How to Become a Police Officer in Calgary

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How to Become a Police Officer in Calgary blog header

Looking to Become a Cop in Calgary?

The Calgary Police Service is actively seeking new officers, and will begin accepting applications in October 2017. Acceptance of applications was temporarily halted to develop and establish a new online system that allows for paperless applications. Once your online application is received, it will undergo a comprehensive review to verify all the necessary information has been submitted to be considered for Calgary Police Service jobs. However, this does not mean everyone who applies will be hired. Opportunities are limited and bestowed upon those who are the most qualified.

What Materials Are Needed to Apply?

Applications must contain:

  • An Application Form

  • Personal Disclosure Form
  • Vision Report
  • Hearing Report
  • Supplemental Vision Report
  • Driving record abstract (last three years)
  • Copy of photo identification
  • Copy of birth certificate, Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident card
  • Proof of Social Insurance Number
  • Copy of high school diploma or transcripts (or equivalent)
  • Copy of post-secondary certification or transcripts (if applicable)
  • Pardon (if applicable)
  • Calgary Police Service Recruitment Survey

Additional Application Steps

The PDF Review

The important details of an applicant's  submitted  PDF document will be reviewed in depth. The applicant's personal history will also be reviewed. Integrity, competitiveness, and honesty are evaluated. Evaluations may take several months.

Physical Fitness Testing and Written Tests

Each candidate must complete the Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP) test. This is a mandatory physical abilities test conducted by all Alberta municipal police agencies.

Applicants must also complete written tests in accordance with provincial guidelines. These tests are referred to as the Alberta Communication Test (ACT) and the Alberta Police Cognitive Ability Test (APCAT).

The PDF Interview

Each applicant must meet face-to-face with a file manager. The important details of his or her application, personal history, and strength of character will be reviewed in depth. This interview may require several hours of the applicant's time.

The Panel Interview

An interview is then conducted by a panel to determine if the applicant's character is fit for this line of work. Referred to as a Behavioural Descriptive Interview (BDI), this interview is centered on the concept of prior behavior being the most important determinant of future behavior. The five areas that are analyzed in the BDI process are:

  • Adaptability/decisiveness
  • Initiative/perseverance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Stress management
  • Valuing service and diversity

The Psychological Test

Those who pass the BDI process will move on to the written psychological exams. These exams take multiple hours to complete. They are meant to analyze your personal psychological state, so don't attempt to study for them. The applicant's file manager provides further information.

The Polygraph Test

Each candidate will be subjected to a polygraph test performed by a trained polygraphist. This is a pre-employment polygraph test, not a criminal interrogation.

The Background Investigation

Applicants who make it to this step of the process will be subjected to a background check conducted by a retired CPS member. This individual will interview numerous people in your life, including current and former neighbors, friends, co-workers, and others. Those you listed as personal contacts on your application package will be contacted as well as others who were not listed.

The Pre-selection Stage

Pre-selection involves a file manager's comprehensive review of the candidate's application. A recruiting unit Sergeant also participates in this stage to determine if the candidate is worthy of a recommendation for hire. The candidate's merit will be gauged against that of other applicants seeking employment as Calgary police officers.

The Selection Stage

The file manager presents the candidate's application to a senior officer board and recommends him or her for hire.

The Offer

If the board of senior officers decides the candidate is worthy of hiring, a conditional offer of employment will be extended. If accepted, the candidate will be conditionally employed as a Calgary police officer.

Calgary Police Officer Recruit Training

The next step is to participate in recruit training. This is a demanding program that proves taxing in terms of academic challenges as well as physical challenges. New recruits engage in such training to develop and refine skills and tools that are vitally important to their role as a Calgary police officer.

The Wilfrid Laurier Edge

Our online Bachelor of Arts in Policing is designed for working and retired officers from a wide range of ranks and background across all of Canada.  According to Statistics Canada, one out of four workers in the labour force will be 55 or older by 2021. This is a significant opportunity for young workers, experienced professionals, and older adult learners to take advantage of increased labour force fluctuations and mobility. An  honours undergraduate degree could give you the competitive edge you need to become a member of the police services in Calgary.

To learn more, contact us or call 888.368.0345.