Police Statistics in Canada

Police statistics in Canada
Police statistics in Canada

Data Analysis - Law Enforcement

There are about  68,773 police officers in Canada representing a police strength ratio of about 190 officers per 100,000 members of the population.1 In addition, as of May 2016, 28,422 civilians were employed by police services across Canada - representing 29% of all police personnel. Civilian employee numbers have risen consistently as a proportion of all police service roles over the past four decades with the majority of growth being experienced at management levels. The numbers employed in roles such as managers, administrators, analysts and scientists has grown gradually since the 1960s. 1  

Graduate Recruitment Rising

In 2016, 2,630 police personnel were hired by the police services of Canada – of these hires 86% were recruit graduates, up from the 80% rate that was reported the previous year.  The remaining 14% were experienced hires. More than  half (52%) were individuals with less than 5 years of service experience. 1

Women in Police

The number of women in Canadian Police Services has been increasing steadily over the past two decades across various ranks.  Women made up 21% of all sworn officers as of May 2016. In addition,, women represented 13% of senior officers in 2016, rising considerably from the 6% level reported in 2006 and the under 1% rate that was reported in 1986. 1

Canadian Policing – Useful Insights

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