Criminology Offers Multiple Career Opportunities

Criminology Offers Multiple Career Opportunities - Blog Header
Criminology Offers Multiple Career Opportunities - Blog Header

Today's law enforcement and public safety professionals work under intense scrutiny —of their actions and their inaction. Being tested in the field and subjected to periods of extreme pressure and adverse conditions,training and education matter.

There are significant potential rewards from a career in public safety. The criminology graduate with critical thinking, analytical and communication skills is attractive to employers inside and outside the criminal justice sector.

Increasingly, organizations, agencies and companies want workers that demonstrate clear thinking in a range of voluntary and paid roles. These include work with prison services, social work, and community-oriented facilities working with victims of crime.

Private sector opportunities abound. For example, work may be available for the criminology graduate in private security, law firms, and social service industries, such as mental health support, drug rehabilitation, housing outreach or in refugee and crime victim support and counseling.

Other criminology-related jobs require more advanced education, such as forensic science technicians, and probation and community control officers. Correctional treatment specialists typically require a bachelor's degree. Academic professions, including college professors, forensic psychologists, and criminologists, generally need a master's degree or doctorate.

An online combined BA in Criminology/Policing gives a broader educational base to succeed in jobs related to crime and justice, while allowing a focus on specific areas of interest through curriculum electives.

According to, the Toronto Police Service and the Canadian  Border Services Agency, careers to explore include:

   •    Police officer; a cadet in training (with the Toronto Police Service?) can earn more than $50,000 a year.

   •    Correctional worker, such as court workers, parole and probation

officers, victim services staff, can earn more than $55,000 a year.

   •    Private sector individuals with police experience, whether part of a

company or as a contractor.

   •    Border services officers can earn more than $55,000 a year

   •    Insurance and Insurance Fraud Worker can earn an average salary of

more than $59,000 a year, while an individual in a general insurance

role can earn $50,000 to $70,000.

Laurier's online criminology program offers individuals the chance to enter the public safety field with a marketable degree and real-world experience. To learn more about what a criminology degree can do for you, contact us to learn more about our Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Policing.