How Do My Foundation Courses I've Already Taken Help Toward a BA in Policing?

Police Foundation Courses
Police Foundation Courses

Wilfrid Laurier University’s BA in Policing Program is 100 percent online which helps applicants gain access to the education they need in order to further their career. The program is geared to people who are currently in law enforcement, have retired from the field, or have some police services experience. If you've already taken foundation courses, you may receive credit for them toward your . BA in Policing.

Foundation Credits and Your BA in Policing

Generally speaking, whether or not you can use your foundation courses toward the requirements for a BA in Policing will depend heavily on the educational institution that you attended. Wilfrid Laurier University, for example, allows your foundation courses to act as transfer credits if they have been previously completed at a community college, another university, or via a police college or academy. This can help trim down the time to receive a full degree.

Once your application to the program has been accepted, you will work directly with an admissions coordinator to determine how many transfer credits you will receive based on the types of foundation courses that you've already taken. You can receive a maximum of 10, which is half of the 20 credits required to get your BA in Policing degree.

Wilfrid Laurier University's BA in Policing Program

In addition to giving you the ability to use your foundation courses that you've already taken to help toward your BA in Policing, Laurier’s Policing Program offers a wide range of additional benefits that are worth exploring.  They understand that police service members and other law enforcement professionals have incredibly demanding, and often unpredictable, schedules.

This is one of the reasons why Laurier chose to deliver the program fully online.The BA in Policing Program is the only 100 percent online degree in Canada, giving applicants an opportunity that is not available at other institutions to complete the program at their own pace.

Applicants can receive all of the education they need in areas that are important to law enforcement leaders across Canada. Laurier is the only university in Ontario where Crime and Justice  is recognized as an institutional strength by the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development. They can learn in an environment that puts them in close contact with other police officers and law enforcement professionals across the country, but they can do it on their own terms in the most efficient and accessible way possible.

To find out more information about qualifications for BA in Policing contact Wilfrid Laurier University today.