Why Do You Need Professional Experience for BA in Policing Program?

Why Do You Need Policing Experience for BA in Policing Program?
Why Do You Need Policing Experience for BA in Policing Program?

A university degree can greatly expand your career opportunities and your potential for advancement.

For example, a police officer who earns a university degree has greater opportunity to advance within the department and has more options outside of law enforcement in terms of career paths. When it comes to the online BA in Policing program at Laurier, the goal is to make a positive impact on current police officers through higher education.

The BA in Policing program at Laurier is the only 100 percent online program of its kind in Canada. The program allows current police officers the chance to earn their bachelor's degree while continuing to work in law enforcement and meet their life commitments. Attaining their bachelor’s degree can further a police officer’s career in a number of ways and improve the way they see themselves and the contributions they make to the community.

For those wanting to become a police officer, it is important to know that online education offered through the BA in Policing program at Laurier requires some policing experience. Whether you are serving as a police officer or have done so in the past, that experience can help you qualify for the program.  Some policing experience is required for admission to the program because there is knowledge that a person will be expected to have as a prerequisite to earning the degree.

By working with those who already have some experience in that career field, Laurier helps to ensure they are providing a BA in Policing to people who are going to continue to use that degree to better themselves and the world around them.