Martha Kumsa Faculty Profile photo
Professor in Master of Social Work: SK545 Introduction to Ethical Thought

Dr. Kumsa received her PhD in Social Work in 2004 (University of Toronto), her MSW in 1997 (University of Toronto), her BSW in 1996 (York University) and her BA in 1995 (York University).

Prior to joining Laurier, she taught at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto and at the School of Social Work, Ryerson University.

Dr. Kuma’s broad interdisciplinary research interest includes issues of identity and belonging, the meaning of home and homeland in the era of heightened globalization, grassroots spirituality, indigeneity and transnationality, and youth violence and the practices of healing and liberation. She also is interested in exploring multiple ways of knowing. Issues of social justice and human rights sit at the heart of her scholarship. Dr. Kuma’s utmost practice interest is the development of strategies for critical self-reflexivity as a way of engaging injustice and the violation of human rights.

Dr. Kuma welcomes graduate and undergraduate students interested in research assistantships. She welcomes students from across multiple disciplinary boundaries.